Human Design NW Homepage Cathy Kinnaird
Certified Human Design Analyst & Teacher

I came to Human Design along the path of helping others to live life to the fullest. My first career was nursing. I was a Registered Nurse specializing in intensive care. This phase of my life was devoted to restoring the physical health of my patients. Eventually, the emotional and physical toll moved me to seek another profession.

The next phase of my journey was as a financial planner where I helped clients with their financial health. I really enjoyed getting to know a wide range of people in this job, but I discovered that I wasn't really interested in money and investments. I was really interested in the clients' stories. I eventually resigned from my partnership with two other advisors and began looking for more meaning.

It was during this period that I began to study spirituality outside of my Catholic upbringing. One of the important influences in my life was reading "A Course in Miracles." I volunteered as a pastor's secretary in a large New Thought church and continued my metaphysical studies.

The next phase of my life was as owner of a New Age store in Portland, Oregon. During this period, I discovered flower essences and vibrational healing. My store came to have America's largest selection of essences. My husband and I bought a start-up mail-order essence company and grew it into an Internet business importing and exporting flower essences, gem elixirs and vibrational essences.

During this period I discovered Human Design and realized that it addressed all the healing modes that I had been studying. I became completely absorbed in understanding this revolutionary and comprehensive system for understanding the human condition. Eventually, I sold my essences businesses and devoted myself to learning the mysteries of Human Design.

Knowing Human Design has changed my life for the better in so many ways.  I am now on the path to living life to the fullest.

(You can listen to Cathy telling the story of how she was introduced to Human Design.  This audio interview was recorded on Spain's Mediterranean island of Ibiza during an advanced Human Design training course.  Cathy is interviewed by Mal Brittain, a producer with the international Human Design organization, Jovian Archive.  The program is closed by Ra Uru Hu.

The  podcast tells how Cathy was introduced to Human Design and how it affected her life during the first few years of her Human Design experience.  The interview lasts for a little over eighteen minutes.)

Interview with Cathy Kinnaird May 20, 2005