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Below is a list of Cathy's podcasts that you can listen to:

Many of the programs below were recorded at Cathy's
Study Group meetings.  They are hosted on

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An Introduction to Human Design
A must-hear for everyone
September 12, 2006
      30 minutes 
Human Design Types and Their Auras
Informative for newbies as well as enthusiasts
September 12, 2006
       40 minutes
Generators and the Gates of the Sacral Center
September 26, 2006
This talk is rather technical and requires a basic
understanding of Human Design. It is not intended
as an introduction to the subject.
       61 minutes
Projectors - Our Future Guides
October 10, 2006
Very informative for Projectors (especially if you
have had a Foundation Reading) and others
interested in knowing more about Human Design.
       51 minutes
The Three Circuits of Human Design
October 24, 2006

Cathy discusses the three energy circuits of Human
Design: Individual, Collective and Tribal.  We edited
the talk into three recordings, one for each circuit. 
The first two minutes of each talk are the same
introduction. This is followed by a short, but possibly
boring, list of the channels in the circuit.  The bulk of
each recording is quite interesting.  You will need to
have had a reading to know if it applies to you.

The Individual Circuit
       32 minutes

The Collective Circuit
       27 minutes
The Tribal Circuit
       31 minutes
Interview with Cathy Kinnaird
June 28, 2007

This interview was broadcast on JAM Radio on
July 16, 2007.  Cathy's friend and fellow Human
Design Analyst, Becky Markley interviews Cathy.
       18 minutes

Kinnaird Family Relationship With Human Design
December, 2007

This discussion was broadcast on JAM Radio in 
December, 2007.  Cathy discusses with her family
how Human Design has improved their relationships.
Participants:  Cathy, her husband Richard, and their
daughter Christy (age 30).
       27 minutes

Cathy's Introduction to Human Design
May 20, 2005

This audio interview with Cathy Kinnaird was recorded
on Spain's Mediterranean island of Ibiza during an
advanced Human Design training course.  Cathy is
interviewed by Mal Brittain, a producer with the
international Human Design organization, Jovian
Archive.  The program ends with a short word from
Ra Uru Hu.

The recording tells how Cathy was introduced to
Human Design and how it has affected her life during
the first few years of her Human Design experience.
       18 minutes

Being an Emotionally Defined Generator
May 5, 2005

This second interview was also recorded in Ibiza.
Cathy talks about being a Generator and about being
Emotionally Defined.  She uses a couple of examples
from her own life and relationships to illustrate the
power of living your Design.

Cathy is interviewed by Mal Brittain, and you will also
hear a few comments from Deborah Bergman, another
analyst.  This interview was recorded on the patio of a
restaurant, so there is some background noise. This 
program was edited to about one-third its original length.
       15 minutes

Pathways Radio Interview
November 11, 2003

This is the first time Cathy was ever recorded talking
about Human Design.  She was interviewed on Pathways,
a Portland, Oregon radio show.  This recording is
archived and provided as a courtesy of the Divination
Foundation, at

Link to the Interview                                        28 minutes