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Incarnation Cross

Your Incarnation Cross

Your Incarnation Cross gives you some insight into your life purpose and direction.  There are tens of thousands of possible Incarnation Crosses, so it isn't possible to go into specifics here.

Your Cross is created by two lines (diameters) passing through the center of your Human Design mandala.  One line is formed by connecting your conscious Sun, with your conscious Earth.  The other line connects your unconscious Sun, with your unconscious Earth.  The Sun and Earth are always directly opposite each other in the Human Design Wheel.

The unconscious Sun represents what we inherit genetically from our father and the unconscious Earth represents what we inherit from our mother.  In Human Design, we have two birthdays eighty-nine days apart.  This is eighty-eight degrees of the circle. Because this isn't exactly ninety degrees, the cross doesn't form perfect right angles.

Cathy's cross is actually formed by a line that is almost vertical and a line that is almost horizontal.  The name of her cross is "The Right Angle Cross of the Vessel of Love."  Not all crosses have such lovely names.  Cathy's husband's cross is called "The Left Angle Cross of Defiance."