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If you have your Sacral Center defined (the red square in the Body Graph), you are a Generator.  No matter what other Centers you have defined, you are still a Generator.  About 70 percent of the population are Generators.

The Nine Centers

If, in addition to having the Sacral Center defined, you have one of the four motors connected to the Throat (directly or indirectly), then you are a Manifesting Generator.  Without a motor connected to the Throat, you are a Pure Generator.  About half of the Generators are Pure Generators.


The Four Motors

Look at Cathy's Design.  (To display her mandala in a pop-up window, click on this symbol Click to pop up mandala.)  Although she has all four motors defined, none of them connects to the Throat.  Cathy is a Pure Generator.

The Sacral Center is the most powerful motor, and Generators are designed for work.  The Sacral Center and the Throat Center are the only two Centers that speak through sounds.  The Throat speaks through words, but the Sacral speaks through primal sounds.  This is the key to the Generator's Strategy.

Generator Strategy

If you are a Generator you must not initiate.  Your Strategy is to Respond.  We capitalize "Respond," because we have a very specific meaning for this word.  Responding means answering a yes/no question with a primal sound, the voice of the Sacral.  A primal sound is something like "Uh huh" for "yes" and "Unh unh" for "no."  Learning to Respond in this very specific way is hard and takes practice.  We have been conditioned to use words to answer questions or proposals.  We were told that making these "animal sounds" is rude and uncouth.  The problem is that Generators are defined by the primal and powerful Sacral.  To be who they really are, Generators must learn to Respond.

Other types can use words to answer, but Generators, even those who have a defined Throat, must Respond.  Even Manifesting Generators who have a motor connected to the Throat, must learn to Respond.

The primary emotion for Generators who are not following their Strategy is Frustration.  Manifesting Generators also have Anger.  Frustration comes from trying to initiate like the Manifestors they have been conditioned to be.  The Sacral Center is the center of life force and creativity.  The other Types need this from Generators for survival and progress.  Because they have this power, Generators think that they can initiate.  They cannot.

Generators are the busy people.  Manifestors initiate, Projectors direct, but Generators work.  Often they are working on things that are not in their own best interests, because they have not learned how to Respond.  Just because you are good at it, doesn't mean you should do it.

When and How to Respond

As a Generator, you don't have to be specifically asked a question to be able to Respond.  You can Respond to events and ideas as well.  If you are a Generator shopkeeper, and someone walks into your shop, you can Respond to that.  If you hear something on the radio, you can Respond to that.  Generators have a clear-cut, well-defined Strategy.  It just takes a lot of practice.

The best way to gain insight to life's problems is to Respond to questions someone asks you.  That person can be any Type.  It's good for two Generators to get together and ask each other questions just to listen to their Sacral Responses.  As a Generator, your Sacral knows what is best for you.  None of the Types should trust the Mind, but Generators are blessed with a defined Sacral that they can trust.

When you Respond, don't say "yes" or "no."  You have to Respond with "Uh huh" or "Unh unh."  If your Sacral is unsure, you may Respond with a thoughtful "Hmmm."  You can follow up with a word for politeness such as, "Uh huh, yes" or "Hmmm, I don't know."  If you are a Generator, ask Cathy Kinnaird for help in learning to Respond.

Learning to Respond is especially hard for Manifesting Generators, because they have a motor connected to the Throat.  If a Manifesting Generator answers using words, he is abandoning his most powerful asset, the Sacral Center.  Using words to answer is like using scissors to cut the grass when you have a powerful garden tractor at your disposal.

The hardest part of Generator Strategy is waiting.  You have to wait to Respond.  Do not try to initiate; wait for life to come to you.  You can put yourself in promising situations, but you have to wait.