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Manifestors make up about eight percent of the population.  You are a Manifestor if at least one of three motors connects, directly or indirectly, to the Throat Center.  In the Body Graph below, three motors connect to the Throat, but it is only necessary for one motor to connect to the Throat to be a Manifestor.  In the figure below, the Heart connects directly to the Throat, and the Solar Plexus and Root Centers connect indirectly to the Throat through the Heart Center.

There is a fourth motor, the Sacral Center, but if the Sacral is defined, you are a Generator, not a Manifestor.  A Manifestor can have additional Centers defined, but not the Sacral Center.

A Manifestor

The Throat is the center of action and communication.  Because a motor (energy source) is connected to the Throat, and therefore has an outlet of expression, a Manifestor can initiate action.  This is the key attribute of Manifestors; they can successfully initiate actions and conversations without needing to respond or be invited.

In America, most of us are raised and conditioned to be Manifestors, but very few of us have the Design to be one.  Trying to force things to happen, without a motor connected to the Throat, causes frustration, pain, disease and unhappiness.

Throughout history, until the middle of the Twentieth Century, the ability to initiate was so important that Manifestors became our kings, queens and leaders.  Manifestors effectively enslaved the other Types by harnessing their energies for the Manifestors' objectives.  Today, by following our Strategies, the need for a Manifestor leader has passed.

Manifestors are not here to be controlled by anyone.  You can't tell them what to do.  Ironically, although we are raised to be Manifestors, children who actually are Manifestors are often severely punished because they do things of their own accord without asking permission or informing.  This can lead to very repressed Manifestor adults.  As the parent of a Manifestor child, your job is to teach him or her to be polite.  You shouldn't keep them from initiating, but by being polite, they will encounter less resistance.

Manifestor Strategy

As an adult Manifestor, your Strategy is to inform.  Adult Manifestors should not ask permission, but their lives will be much easier if they inform the people around them of what they plan to do.  The energy of a Manifestor is intimidating and people naturally resist or retreat from it.  By informing, the Manifestors diffuse this fear and resistance allowing others who are so inclined to follow their lead.

The primary emotion of Manifestors who are not following their Strategy is anger.  They are angry at people trying to control them and resist them.  They hate being told what to do, and they should not be told what to do.  If you are a Manifestor, experiment with informing.  You will see resistance diminish and your anger subside.

If you are a Manifestor, you really don't need any help or permission to get things done.  All the other Types need interaction with others.  You are inherently unpredictable and uncontrollable, and this upsets people and causes them to dislike you.  Try experimenting with informing.

If you are an emotional Manifestor (your Solar Plexus is defined), you still need to wait before making decisions.  You don't need input from others, you just need to feel the question for two or three days, throughout your emotional cycle, so that you have considered it while you are up as well as down.  Then you can make a good decision.

Because you can initiate, people (including yourself) think you are in charge and responsible for what is happening.  You are not.  Life moves on with or without us.  Just because you can start things, does not mean you can control them.  Chill out.  People will look to you to save them and blame you for things they don't like.  Follow your Strategy and take pride in who you are.

It is important for a Manifestor to rest.  Although they are doers, they do not have the most powerful motor, the Sacral Center.  Generators are the ones equipped for hard work.  Your open Sacral Center causes you to be influenced by Generators around you, and to work twice as hard, but this is unhealthy for you.  Rest in bed at night before you are tired.  You can read or watch TV before sleeping, but rest before you think you need it.