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Projectors have at least two Centers defined, but not the Sacral Center.  In addition, they cannot have a motor connected to the Throat, or they would be Manifestors.  They can have a non-motor center connected to the Throat.  In fact, it is possible to have eight of the nine Centers defined and still be a Projector.  Projectors make up about twenty-one percent of the population.

A Projector

In the Bodygraph above, although the Heart, a motor, is defined; it does not connect to the Throat.  The G Center and Ajna Center, which do connect to the Throat, are not motors.  The Sacral Center is not defined.

A Projector is a "people person."  They have the ability to bring people together and organize them.  Projectors excel at managing other people's energy.  They can't manifest or generate, but they can direct, organize and manage.

Projectors stand out in a crowd.  They are easily noticed and get more recognition than any other Type.  In fact, they need to be recognized for who they are in order for them to be successful.

Projectors constantly draw energy to them, but they need to direct and distribute this energy and not try to hoard it.  The energy that they draw to them can take the form of money and material things as well as people's efforts and support.  Projectors are here to manage other people's energy, but only when they have been invited to do so.  Projectors have a tendency to over-control.  They should guide and influence rather than try to control.

Projectors can read people's energy.  They know who can get things done and who will just get in the way.  Projectors, unlike Manifestors and Generators, are not energy types.  Projectors are not meant to work hard; they are meant to direct others.  Whereas Manifestors have been our leaders in the past, Projectors should be our leaders in the future.

Projector Strategy

Projectors have a rather difficult Strategy.  While Generators only have to wait to Respond, Projectors have to wait to be invited.  For every significant event in their lives, they have to actually be invited.  They have to be asked to dance, proposed to for marriage, invited to join a club, offered a job without asking for it.  Because Projectors instinctively understand the power of invitation, they often end up doing the inviting instead of waiting to be invited.  This is a dangerous thing for Projectors.

In order for a Projector to feel the energy of a proposal and make a good decision they have to be invited.  Emotional Projectors (who have a defined Solar Plexus) even have to be invited more than once over a period of two or more days.

Sometimes Projectors, if they are needy and not following their Strategy, can suck other people's energy and drive them away.  The primary emotions for Projectors who are not living their Strategy are bitterness and resentment.  Not receiving the recognition they need and failing at things they have tried to initiate makes Projectors exhausted and bitter.

As a Projector, you must realize that you are here to be recognized, but you can't force this to happen.  By waiting, you will draw to you the people that you need and who need you.  If you are confident and not needy, you will have an aura about you that people cannot resist.  Your aura shouts "Invite me!"

Because you have to wait to be invited, your progress will be slow.  You may be a "late bloomer."  Be watchful and notice who recognizes you and who does not.

Just because you are invited, doesn't mean you have to say "yes."  (By the way, you can use words; ignore what we said about Generators.)  Wait for the invitations that are really delicious.

This may sound like a passive Strategy, but think of it like karate.  You use other people's effort and energy to accomplish things; you don't attack.  If you are invited, people will enjoy your direction.  They will think you are the best co-worker they ever had.  You will guide them by doing what you do naturally.  You are a motivator, not a commander.  You are here to be recognized; enjoy it.  You should not have anyone in your life who does not recognize you for who you really are.