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If none of the Centers in your chart are defined, then you are a Reflector.  Reflectors make up only about one percent of the population.

Reflectors have nothing fixed and reliable in their Design.  They are totally open, but they are not weak.  Reflectors can actually handle life pretty well.  If you are familiar with tornadoes, then you know that you should open all the windows in your house if a tornado is coming.  By opening all the windows, you equalize the pressure to prevent damage to the house.  Reflectors have all their windows (Centers) open.  The storm can rush through without damage.

Reflectors are here to experience wonder and awe.  They process things slowly and should not be rushed.  They have the capacity for the greatest wisdom because they are here to learn and experience in every area of life.

Reflectors are at the mercy of the people they have relationships with, because being in the aura of others will define the Reflector's Centers.  Reflectors should choose their relationships carefully.  They have no inner authority, so they must be with people they trust.  The primary emotion of Reflectors is disappointment.

Reflectors are like the canary in the coal mine.  They will feel things before others do and be the first ones affected by external events.  In a group, look to a Reflector to judge the feelings of the group.

Reflector Strategy

Reflectors have the most difficult Strategy.  Because they are totally open, the Moon, moving completely around the chart in twenty-eight days, greatly influences Reflectors.  By moving through a Reflector's chart, the Moon will activate gates and define Centers that can temporarily change a Reflector's Type.  Reflectors should consider a proposal for twenty-eight days before making a decision.

If you are a Reflector, see Cathy for more specific information on how to live your Strategy.