Human Design NW Homepage What is the Human Design System?

Human Design is a science of self-discovery and a map for living life to the fullest.  Your unique Human Design reveals the truth of who you really are and outlines your inherent strengths and weaknesses.  By living in accord with your personal Human Design, you can live an easier, more fulfilled life. 

The Human Design System

The Human Design System Mandalla

The science of Human Design came into being in January, 1987.  It is the synthesis of genetics and sub-atomic physics with the world’s great esoteric sciences:  Astrology, the I-Ching, the Chakras and the Kabala.  The Human Design System is based on new science which is only now being validated by recent advances in physics.  As a practical matter, you don't need to understand the science behind the system.  The results of the Human Design System have been empirically demonstrated to be accurate, and this testing is being continued and expanded every year.

The mathematics are complicated, but the power of the computer makes the task of generating your Human Design Chart (the "Body Graph") quick and easy.  This picture, along with detailed information about your "defined gates," specifies your unique Human Design.  Although this Chart requires expert interpretation to reveal your Design and Strategies for life, the principles illustrated in the chart are quite simple.

You can get your individual free Human Design Chart by clicking here.

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